grand raid

tomorrow renzo and me have a new project with his tandem: we’re gonna ride the grand raid christalp (76km mostly up and down :-).
i’ll keep you updated on how we manage to compete with the other ten teams.
and now i think i’ll just go to bed, cause we got to catch an early train tomorrow morning. maybe i can tell you something about the (surprisingly good) movie i just saw later on.
for now i just wish you a good night.


radial2 radial1 in the true sense of do it yourself i laced my own front wheel today. remember that i bought a frame from poland quite some time ago. now that i know all the relevant parts are gonna fit i’m in the process of turning that frame into a lean, mean riding machine :-)
because i want it to look nice, i laced the wheel radially, so it will look good (although lorenzo doesn’t like it…).
a good trained wheel-builder can build a full wheel in about an hour. it took me twice that time (and let me tell you, radially is much simpler to lace than the normal way, where the spokes intermittently cross each other) but now i’ve got a front wheel which i built myself, which makes me quite proud.
and now i just need steve to send me that rear hub, lace another wheel and i’ll be riding my [insert cool name here] soon. i’m really looking forward to it!

ps: if you’ve got a cool name which would fit for a black bike with golden logo, then leave comment!

new section on

as i’m still looking for a phd in the near future i keep looking for stuff that interests me, medical laser physics-stuff. (i really really reallylove being a messenger, but like kevin bacon says in quicksilver: “you can’t get old on a bike”)
this offer on looks quite promising.
i sent the contact person an email, asking for some more information on the offer, and thought maybe he also wants some more information on me, so i decided to start with an new category on – my cv.

needs to be filled with information (which will hopefully happen soon…), for the moment you can only download my diploma thesis (a 2.5 mb pdf-file), if you’re interested…

btw: quicksilver is a really great movie if you dig messenger-style stuff, want to have an eighties flashback and just watch an old movie. i nearly couldn’t believe that kevin bacon (yes, mr. hollow man!) is riding a fixie throughout the movie, and riding it really good, it’s something really hard to do with style

tandem movie II

today i finally got the time to grab renzos pictures and movies from last friday.
and since sigi liked the first tandem movie so much, i thought i’d give it a go and made a second one.
this one here is a 5.7 mb movie, renzo and me driving from the main station in bern to the university hospital of bern (actually with some blood in my backpack).

ps: the movie has no sound from driving because it was just too muffled, absolutely no chance to understand a single word.
ps2: watch out for the upcoming tandem feature movie “drü poschis i drü minute” (three post-coaches in three minutes) with an almost crash…


if you guess right on what i’m working at the moment, then i pay you a beer next time i see you:

ps; and now i go to the cafe kairo

update: ah, well then! (this should be a link to, but the upload did not work, i wrote chris about it…) explanation: it had much too much people there and i could just listen to michu slamming, then had a drink with renzo and came home.

stolen bike!

somebody stole my bike!
it left it over the night locked in front of my house and this afternoon i came home and it wasn’t there anymore. both of my flatmate haven’t seen it, so i presume someone stole it.
it’s a black FORT-frame, with a trailer-coupling on the left side of the back wheel, has two dents in the top-tube of the frame, and has a quite a big “Velokurier 333 05 05” sign attached to the frame.
if you see someone with that bike and it’s not me, punch him/her heavily in the guts and call me (+41 76 330 17 96)!
if you find it, then you get at least an invitation to the cinema or something like this, so keep your eyes open!

i want it back so deeply. i do not care if my insurance pays me a new bike, i just want that one back, there’s so many emotions attached to it!

ps: here are some pictures of the bike (1, 2, 3)

i just keep babbling

today Renzo gave me his MemoryStick with the pictures he made in luzern this saturday (he owns exactly the same camera a I do, funnily enough).
and there were quite some cool pictures of me on it, i especially like these:

i’ll shurely post some more in the pictures-section soon….
PS: if you want to read some more and see a perfect action-shot of Simu, then click here.
Oh, and BTW, Simu is the rapper and MC of Yedi, quite a cool band from the neighbourhood.

update: Renzos pictures are online.

pictures, rankings, and manifest from the alleycat

the pictures from the alleycat last friday night are online:

the results were:

1 Michel – 41::2320
2 Ismu – 43:50
3 Urs – 48:36
4 Mischu – 48:38
5 Mättu – 49:24
5 Elia – 49:24
7 Päscu – 52:49
8 Rachel (1st woman) 56
8 Reto – 56:23
10 Michu – 1.08:58
11 Dewi – 1.11:15
11 Renzo 1.11:15
DNF Hämme & Simu

the manifest can be found here (38kb .pdf) and the list of all the posts can be found here (40kb .pdf)