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stolen bike!

somebody stole my bike!
it left it over the night locked in front of my house and this afternoon i came home and it wasn’t there anymore. both of my flatmate haven’t seen it, so i presume someone stole it.
it’s a black FORT-frame, with a trailer-coupling on the left side of the back wheel, has two dents in the top-tube of the frame, and has a quite a big “Velokurier 333 05 05” sign attached to the frame.
if you see someone with that bike and it’s not me, punch him/her heavily in the guts and call me (+41 76 330 17 96)!
if you find it, then you get at least an invitation to the cinema or something like this, so keep your eyes open!

i want it back so deeply. i do not care if my insurance pays me a new bike, i just want that one back, there’s so many emotions attached to it!

ps: here are some pictures of the bike (1, 2, 3)

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