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radial2 radial1 in the true sense of do it yourself i laced my own front wheel today. remember that i bought a frame from poland quite some time ago. now that i know all the relevant parts are gonna fit i’m in the process of turning that frame into a lean, mean riding machine :-)
because i want it to look nice, i laced the wheel radially, so it will look good (although lorenzo doesn’t like it…).
a good trained wheel-builder can build a full wheel in about an hour. it took me twice that time (and let me tell you, radially is much simpler to lace than the normal way, where the spokes intermittently cross each other) but now i’ve got a front wheel which i built myself, which makes me quite proud.
and now i just need steve to send me that rear hub, lace another wheel and i’ll be riding my [insert cool name here] soon. i’m really looking forward to it!

ps: if you’ve got a cool name which would fit for a black bike with golden logo, then leave comment!

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