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as i’m still looking for a phd in the near future i keep looking for stuff that interests me, medical laser physics-stuff. (i really really reallylove being a messenger, but like kevin bacon says in quicksilver: “you can’t get old on a bike”)
this offer on looks quite promising.
i sent the contact person an email, asking for some more information on the offer, and thought maybe he also wants some more information on me, so i decided to start with an new category on – my cv.

needs to be filled with information (which will hopefully happen soon…), for the moment you can only download my diploma thesis (a 2.5 mb pdf-file), if you’re interested…

btw: quicksilver is a really great movie if you dig messenger-style stuff, want to have an eighties flashback and just watch an old movie. i nearly couldn’t believe that kevin bacon (yes, mr. hollow man!) is riding a fixie throughout the movie, and riding it really good, it’s something really hard to do with style

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