in none


if you guess right on what i’m working at the moment, then i pay you a beer next time i see you:

ps; and now i go to the cafe kairo

update: ah, well then! (this should be a link to, but the upload did not work, i wrote chris about it…) explanation: it had much too much people there and i could just listen to michu slamming, then had a drink with renzo and came home.

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  1. now i can say it, because the exam is in 9 hours :-)

    it’s a figure i’ve been preparing for the exam with one of my classes. it’s a classic question concerning inelastic impacts, two cars colliding on an intersection.

    BTW: i drew the figure with a demo version of omni-graffle, which is quite a nice os-x-program to make nifty graphics! you should check it out.