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tandem movie II

today i finally got the time to grab renzos pictures and movies from last friday.
and since sigi liked the first tandem movie so much, i thought i’d give it a go and made a second one.
this one here is a 5.7 mb movie, renzo and me driving from the main station in bern to the university hospital of bern (actually with some blood in my backpack).

ps: the movie has no sound from driving because it was just too muffled, absolutely no chance to understand a single word.
ps2: watch out for the upcoming tandem feature movie “drü poschis i drü minute” (three post-coaches in three minutes) with an almost crash…

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  1. Habe gerade Deinen kleine Film gesehen: Ist ja wikrlich der Hammer ;-) Welche Kamera habt ihr denn da verwendet? Und danke nochmals für die Tools, schon bald gibt es auch auf meiner Site Filmchen zum Kucken.