the argentinian schoolbook and me

i don’t have a story like iron man and me, but a nice one to tell anyways:

about four months ago a miss gômez castro contacted me through flickr about my photo of our guide steffen i shot about four years ago with an ultracheap disposable underwater camera in sharm el sheikh.

she wrote me that she came across my photo and she:

… found it very interesting and we would like to use it for educational purposes in a book. We´re currently editing for the publishing company Santillana Group in Argentina.
This photo would be appropriate as supporting graphical material for an interior page dealing with related subject matter. It would be included in a book for elementary school, to be used in public and private schools.

i quickly agreed that she can use the image with proper attribution and now, after some emailing back and forth, she has sent me the final page from the book. and i have to say that i’m quite pleased with the result, but judge for yourself: here’s a screenshot of the page of the book:


if you’re really interested, you can also download a copy of the page as a pdf, but it’s a hefty 4 MB and you don’t see much more than on the screenshot.
not too bad, innit?
i’ll add this to the nice stories that creative commons has brought to me already: another diving story, even another one, one about police and demonstrators , one about downtown fires and one about screensavers.

tauchen in cadaques

wie vielleicht schon zu erraten war, bin ich über pfingsten in cadaques in spanien am tauchen gewesen.

so war jedenfalls der plan. leider konnten wir aufgrund des schlechten wetters und starken ostwindes nicht so viel tauchen wie wir wollten. aus den geplanten sieben tauchgängen wurden dann nur drei in relativ unspektakulären buchten. trotzdem sind über die tage ein paar fotos entstanden, die finden sich in meinem cadaques-set auf flickr oder in der bilder-abteilung. auf flickr sind zusätzlich zu den beiden videos hier auch noch zwei andere filmli zu finden.

wen’s interessiert findet bei den winfields in in ein paar tagen auf der divecenter-seite noch weitere fotos.

diving in the verzasca

as mentioned before i’ve been diving in the verzasca this weekend. now i’m uploading all the images to flickr. you can see the images in this set here.

the two videos below are videos i shot and uploaded to youtube, the first one shows ändu blowing some bubbles. while shooting the second one i nearly peed in my divesuit ’cause the thing that swam through scared me quite a bit, but see for yourself…

underwater panorama

Almajaneuntil some hours ago i believed that maybe i made the first ever underwater panorama photograph, while on the philippines. a simple google search proved me wrong, there is already much more impressive work available online (see here, for the first ever published underwater panorama [1]). nonetheless i’m gonna tell you the story of the panorama of my alma jane shot in this post.

while we resurfaced from the alma jane i shot 7 images of the wreck and then tried to reconnect them later on with the excellent hugin for osx. as i mentioned before i started to use makecubic from apple to convert the .tiff-files from hugin to quicktime vr .mov files which are sometimes more pleasant to view.

this particular panorama was the first for me to notice something special:

Almajane1when i generated the panorama the resulting image was much more pleasing when i added a horizontal guideline along the railing of the ship. this resulted in the image seen on the top left. when i didn’t add that guideline the resulting image was not so pleasing to the eye, mostly because the ship looks really crooked, as seen on the bottom right.

so i uploaded the uncrooked version to flickr, for all of you to see. then i converted the images with makecubic, ’cause i wanted to see how the panoramas look when converted to a quicktime vr. that’s when the difference comes in. the first, uncrooked version looks a bit weird when viewing as a qtvr as you can see in the movie on the left below (760 kb .mov-file).

Mov Almajane-1Mov Almajane1

the second image looks much more like it was in the water, where the movement was a swaying from left to down to right. see for yourself in the movie on the left (769 kb .mov-file).

just so you can see what bonds me to my computer on those long, lazy and rainy sunday afternoons.

have a good week!

[1]: i still might be second :-)

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picture of the week 39

i didn’t shoot any pictures this week, so i’m picking another one from our holidays on the philippines. although the nudibranch is not in focus i quite like the image below, mostly because of its vibrant colors. you can see some more images from our holidays in the pictures section or on flickr (which is better for the panoramas, ’cause you can see them in a bigger size…).


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picture of the week 18

i’ve been diving this weekend, and christened my underwater-case for my digital camera. turns out that it’s quite hard to take good pictures in the Mediterranean in may. i’m sorting through all the pictures, but at a first glance i liked the one below quite good.

it’s sigi at about 16m below surface exiting the cave at the dive-site tres covas. looks like a thing from outer space.


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picture of the week 01

yesterday i’ve been diving again. yes, diving in the cold thuner-see, the water was around 5°C. we’ve again been at the schönörtli (german for nice place).

because i wore a dry suit [1] i was only nearly freezing my ass off (more the hands than the ass, ’cause i was wearing wet gloves). the dive was really spectacular, the sight underwater was amazing, much better than in the summer. and it’s really fun to dive with a dry suit, you feel like stuck in a balloon and can shift the air in thta balloon depending on the position you have. the picture below shows raymond and beat during their dive, having a break at the surface. can you see how clear the water is, you’re able to see the stones at the bottom…

my lesson learned: winter bike leggings are not suited as undergarment in a dry suit. a thick woolen jumper is suited.


[1]: thanks mac for letting me test the suit for free


i’m going to spend another week diving and will return on december 12th late in the evening.

don’t expect any update until then, but have a very nice week.

Image000 00

/blog in sleep mode

there won’t be any updates here for at least the next two weeks, because i’m on holidays.
nina and i will be diving in the red sea and stay at the flameco beach resort in el quseir.
have a good time and behave while i’m away.


ps: perhaps there will be one or two tiny updates on my moblog, but don’t count on it, because i’m on holidays!