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how nice!

look what mail i just got:

Would you like to donate your picture of the dugong to a good cause?

Dugong photos are very hard to find, and yours is truly wonderful.

We all love to make it available to people for a desktop. Here are some desktops donated by other photographers.

This would help support our work to prevent the US govt from building an airbase on top of a dugong feeding ground in Japan.

Here is more about that lawsuit against the US Department of Defense.

Look forward to hearing from you. If you are willing, we would need the largest pixel version you have. Send to me.

Tell us how to credit the photo.


Brian Smith
Western/International Press Secretary
426 17th Street 6th Floor
Oakland, CA 94612-2820
PHONE: 510.550.6714
FAX: 510.550.6740
donotspambrianhemustbeaveryniceguy at (edited by me :-)

that’s quite nice. i think i’ll hand them over the three pics i took of the dugong.
if brian is a really nice guy he can send me something from my amazon wishlist or just say thank you, and credit my work correctly. everything here is released under a creative commons license anyway (creative commons is by the way one of the winners of a golden nica at the ars eletronica in linz which just finished yesterday or so…).
if you want to read some more about the AEC and get a good insight of the things that happened there, then piece has some good coverage on on what he did there.

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