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the argentinian schoolbook and me

i don’t have a story like iron man and me, but a nice one to tell anyways:

about four months ago a miss gômez castro contacted me through flickr about my photo of our guide steffen i shot about four years ago with an ultracheap disposable underwater camera in sharm el sheikh.

she wrote me that she came across my photo and she:

… found it very interesting and we would like to use it for educational purposes in a book. We´re currently editing for the publishing company Santillana Group in Argentina.
This photo would be appropriate as supporting graphical material for an interior page dealing with related subject matter. It would be included in a book for elementary school, to be used in public and private schools.

i quickly agreed that she can use the image with proper attribution and now, after some emailing back and forth, she has sent me the final page from the book. and i have to say that i’m quite pleased with the result, but judge for yourself: here’s a screenshot of the page of the book:


if you’re really interested, you can also download a copy of the page as a pdf, but it’s a hefty 4 MB and you don’t see much more than on the screenshot.
not too bad, innit?
i’ll add this to the nice stories that creative commons has brought to me already: another diving story, even another one, one about police and demonstrators , one about downtown fires and one about screensavers.

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  1. Hey cool! How things work. It s a good pic, though the recognition is not clearly seen in the screen shot.

    *edit by habi*: spammy link removed.