in diving, picture of the week

picture of the week 01

yesterday i’ve been diving again. yes, diving in the cold thuner-see, the water was around 5°C. we’ve again been at the schönörtli (german for nice place).

because i wore a dry suit [1] i was only nearly freezing my ass off (more the hands than the ass, ’cause i was wearing wet gloves). the dive was really spectacular, the sight underwater was amazing, much better than in the summer. and it’s really fun to dive with a dry suit, you feel like stuck in a balloon and can shift the air in thta balloon depending on the position you have. the picture below shows raymond and beat during their dive, having a break at the surface. can you see how clear the water is, you’re able to see the stones at the bottom…

my lesson learned: winter bike leggings are not suited as undergarment in a dry suit. a thick woolen jumper is suited.


[1]: thanks mac for letting me test the suit for free

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