in personal, pictures uses my photos (with my permission)

Nowpublicmy pictures from saturday evening are now part of a story at

how does that happen you ask?

this afternoon i got an email from clorenz41 [1] through flickr. he asked if he could use my photos “for a few stories that have been sent in”. the mail included some fancy link which made the whole process work automagically.

so after some clicks my pictures are now part of a story from conneticutkati [2], where she quotes another article on

if you want to read the post at nowpublic, then click here or take a look at the screenshot on the left.

if this is happening more often, maybe i should start to take money for my images?

[1] he is: “Director, Contributor Relations, NowPublic.”

[2] i wonder why she writes about the antifa abendspaziergang, although she’s from vancouver…

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  1. wie ein deutsches fernsehen sagt: mittendrin statt nur dabei.
    aber nicht bis ganz zum schluss, denn wie gesagt: randale ist scheisse!