a big bunch of tickets

Dsc02811this weekend we’re again gonna go to gensingen, to take part in a masters competition of the ssv ingelheim. today i went to buy our tickets (three people; pesche and another guy from basel and me). as you can see in the image to the left, it was rather a big undertaking.

the problem is that we all have different schedules: i’m starting in bern, the two others are starting in basel. then we proceed all together to gensingen. on sunday we travel back home together, but only until karlsruhe. pesche and me are stopping there, to visit an old friend (rouge, you know him too, it’s mike bucko…). the third man is directly going home from there. pesche and me are having diner with mike and then pesche is gonna go home to be ready for his work-week. since i got two days off work, i’m gonna stay a bit longer and enjoy karlsruhe.

in the end it turns out, that we need 21 slips of paper for that journey. not too bad, aight? (yes, i know that you can only see 18 of ’em, three of them are stapled to three others).

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kinder eggs are a scam!

Dsc01118past saturday i went to the migros to buy some stuff for my weekend. and just because we had acute chocolate craving, nina and me bought two kinder eggs at the checkout. when i opened mine back home, i was quite stunned that there was a little car in it (which is not really stunning per se). the car was a smart forfour which consisted of four parts, so it was not even a challenge to put the thing together. since when do they put advertisement into chocolate?

but the best thing comes now: when nina opened her egg, she had exactly the same thing in it. what a scam! not only do they put paid advertisment into the eggs (see image), they also flood you with it.

next time we’re gonna buy real chocolate.

ps: you also get a special code in the eggs which should enable you to unlock a special thing on the kinder egg site, but i couldn’t open it (neither in safari or camino…). guess there are no kids with os x out there :-)

ps2: don’t dare to look up “m-budget” on images.google.com (e.g. don’t click here) if you can’t handle sexually explicit material…

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famous detective

A man suspected his wife was seeing another man, so he hired the famous Chinese detective, Chen Lee, to watch and report any activities while he was gone. A few days later, he received this report:

Most honorable Sir:

You leave house. I watch house.

He come to house. I watch.

He and She leave house. I follow. He and She go in hotel. I climb tree.

I look in window.

He kiss She. She kiss He. He strip she. She strip He. He play with She. She play with He.

I play with me. I fall off tree.

I not see.

So no fee.

Chen Lee

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dont’t panic!

monday night i went to see the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy (with a towel). i finished the book on the sunday before, so i had all fresh in my mind. i thought i will be disappointed with the movie, ’cause let’s face it, there’s just not enough time to fit all the gags from the book into one movie (sequel anyone?).

nonetheless i enjoyed the movie a great bit (my flatmates rita and dan also did), it’s very fast paced and chockfull of references to the book, but also chockfull of new ideas, some of them really brilliant. if you go and see the movie, wait through the credits, in the end, there’s another entry of the guide for you to see (warning: spoiler behind the link).

if you’ve seen the film, then those extremely fast 42 games will be even funnier than they are already!

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this blog needs more crazy stuff!

i just had a drink with sigi, after we’ve been hurting ourselfs in the frisbeetraining. we had a lot of stuff to talk about, which was really good, we haven’t seen each other in ages. among other things we talked about this blog here and then an image i’ve seen in the current ct sprung to my mind. without further ado: here’s the link.

the cookie monster on diet

the swiss late news aired a newscast that the cookie monsters eating habits are getting a makeover, so he is not allowed to eat more unhealthy cookies. the americans thought it’s bad, when they see a monster on telly which eats cookies (and letters :-) all the time, so they changed his diet to more healthy stuff. this gets scary i think. when will they change other tv-series? how long will it take before dexter is not allowed to work in his lab anymore, because working with big tools and electricity is dangerous for kids. how long will it take before pippi langstrumpf has to stop running around and lifting horses, because that’s dangerous for kids? oh man, this just gets me the creeps. it’s a friggin’ monster, so he can eat what he wants, and doesn’t need to eat healthy!

if you like, you can watch the german news-broadcast here (in real-video-format). or if you want to read some more on that, then head over to news.google. i’m going to bed and will hopefully dream of a big bowl of cookies. good night.

new paper released :-)

i wonder if the paper i just finished is going to help me with my already long-running quest for finding a job in the field i learned. i guess it needs still some corrections and additions. if you want to read it, then just click on the link below:

David Haberthuer – Emulating Smalltalk and Von Neumann Machines Using Semantical (100kb .pdf). you need to scroll down to see the images, i think they turned out quite good.

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weird video

Belindaif you’d like to start your week wirh a really weird video, then you might want to step over to pieceoplastic.com. jan posted a link to a video of belinda bedekovic who plays a weird instrument really weird. you can either watch the video as a flash-file or download the 32mb divx-encoded .avi. quicktime refuse to play it, so you might want to grab vlc, which is always the best candidate for those weirdo videos (and all formats :-).

as jan said it: holy mackerel!!!!

ps: why are the comments closed, piece?


Picture 2i wish i had thought of that!

la fille de zürich posted a list of all the songs that forbid you to do stuff. in the image on the left you can see a list of my don’ts. (it’s a screenshot from itunes, because i can’t fit all songs on my ipod).

what are the don’ts in your playlist?

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