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the cookie monster on diet

the swiss late news aired a newscast that the cookie monsters eating habits are getting a makeover, so he is not allowed to eat more unhealthy cookies. the americans thought it’s bad, when they see a monster on telly which eats cookies (and letters :-) all the time, so they changed his diet to more healthy stuff. this gets scary i think. when will they change other tv-series? how long will it take before dexter is not allowed to work in his lab anymore, because working with big tools and electricity is dangerous for kids. how long will it take before pippi langstrumpf has to stop running around and lifting horses, because that’s dangerous for kids? oh man, this just gets me the creeps. it’s a friggin’ monster, so he can eat what he wants, and doesn’t need to eat healthy!

if you like, you can watch the german news-broadcast here (in real-video-format). or if you want to read some more on that, then head over to i’m going to bed and will hopefully dream of a big bowl of cookies. good night.

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