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kinder eggs are a scam!

Dsc01118past saturday i went to the migros to buy some stuff for my weekend. and just because we had acute chocolate craving, nina and me bought two kinder eggs at the checkout. when i opened mine back home, i was quite stunned that there was a little car in it (which is not really stunning per se). the car was a smart forfour which consisted of four parts, so it was not even a challenge to put the thing together. since when do they put advertisement into chocolate?

but the best thing comes now: when nina opened her egg, she had exactly the same thing in it. what a scam! not only do they put paid advertisment into the eggs (see image), they also flood you with it.

next time we’re gonna buy real chocolate.

ps: you also get a special code in the eggs which should enable you to unlock a special thing on the kinder egg site, but i couldn’t open it (neither in safari or camino…). guess there are no kids with os x out there :-)

ps2: don’t dare to look up “m-budget” on (e.g. don’t click here) if you can’t handle sexually explicit material…

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  1. Hey, it’s been like that for at least ten years! As long as I’ve been buying kinder eggs for my kids there has very frequently been merchandising articles in them; movie figures mostly, but also other stuff.

    In a kinder egg I bought recently there was a smart fortwo coupe, it’s actually a very cute little car! And thanks to the transparent roof and windows, I can see all the little details. But I guess it’s a surprise if you didn’t know they put little merchandising gimmicks in those eggs.