my first of august

it becomes more and more of a tradition, the yearly boatride at the first of august. this year i took my camera with me, and time even managed to make a movie while jumping from the auguet bridge as you can see below:

quite a funny face i make, what do you think?
if you want to judge the height a bit better, there’s another movie of dan jumping off the bridge here. i’ve also made some images: they can be seen here, i just wanted to mention this image for the special jump i made: let’s call it the floating buddha:


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möchte-gern-nationalrat thomas fuchs hat ja eine wunderschön proppere wahlkampfplattform auf, auf der mit netter musik untermalte filme über fuchsns ambitionen und pläne gezeigt werden. ist ja ganz nett, aber das hier ist ziemlich viel lustiger: ein remix des videos von thommy f. dem grössten hustlah von bern, gemacht von dic-zh

ist vor allem richtig lustig, wenn mann sich vorher das original-filmli von herrn fuchs antut.

[via der wiederauferstandenen berner gazette]

ach und übrigens: ist euch auch schon mal die neue dock-animation am ende der youtube-filmlis aufgefallen?

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they chose me!! [update]

quite a bunch of people have written about it already, but i thought i should mention it for my readers too. the time magazine chose me [1] as the person of the year! in case you don’t believe me, here’s the cover of the current magazine:

Time Me

[via fscklog]; beware: only works on macs with an integrated isight…
[1]: and you too!

update: if this non-security-flaw bothers you, you can always use an ipeep to remedy the situation…

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picture of the week 26

yesterday i went down the aare from uttigen to bern. but not like everyone else, equipped with a rubber boat, but with a rubber skin :-)

urs and me snorkeled down the river in about 3 hours.

it was really fun, mostly because everybody else couldn’t believe what we did.

the water was rather cloudy and not very warm (although it was bearable with my 7mm rubber skin). in the image below you can see urs relaxing and almost falling asleep. if you want to see the other pictures of the series, then you can see them in this set on flickr.


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a funny magic trick

i got a chuckle out of this, ’cause it really works. makes a neat office-trick:

Allright here’s what I want you to do – while sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles.

Now, while doing this, draw the number “6” in the air with your right hand.

Your foot will change direction and there’s nothing you can do about it!

[via “optical” illusions]

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the it crowd

 Entertainment Tv Microsites I Itcrowd Images Gallery1while on the way to oberwald i finally found some time to watch the it crowd (on my psp). since cory doctorow posted about that new show on boingboing, i’ve been downloading all the episodes of the ultimate geek comedy.

the show is about a sysadmin duo. the two ubergeeks moss and roy [1] get a new boss who has far better knowledge of shoes than of computers. each of the first three episodes i’ve watched up to now is hilarious, the people that rode on the train with me must have thought i’m utterly insane, because i couldn’t help to chuckle and laugh out loud. it’s not the plot that is so funny, but the fact that each episode progressively gets weirder and belly rupturing funny.

i can’t wait ’till the next episodes are aired, i’m in geeky television heaven.

since users outside of the uk cannot directly stream the videos from the channel4 website, you have to fire up your preferred bittorrent-client and download away!

oh, and piece did use some samples of the show in one of his latest pieceocasts.

[via boingboing]

[1] moss writes an email to the fire brigade because he cannot remember the phone-number of the emergency services (the changed the number from 919 (or so) to something different – which is another hilarious joke by itself).

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