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 Entertainment Tv Microsites I Itcrowd Images Gallery1while on the way to oberwald i finally found some time to watch the it crowd (on my psp). since cory doctorow posted about that new show on boingboing, i’ve been downloading all the episodes of the ultimate geek comedy.

the show is about a sysadmin duo. the two ubergeeks moss and roy [1] get a new boss who has far better knowledge of shoes than of computers. each of the first three episodes i’ve watched up to now is hilarious, the people that rode on the train with me must have thought i’m utterly insane, because i couldn’t help to chuckle and laugh out loud. it’s not the plot that is so funny, but the fact that each episode progressively gets weirder and belly rupturing funny.

i can’t wait ’till the next episodes are aired, i’m in geeky television heaven.

since users outside of the uk cannot directly stream the videos from the channel4 website, you have to fire up your preferred bittorrent-client and download away!

oh, and piece did use some samples of the show in one of his latest pieceocasts.

[via boingboing]

[1] moss writes an email to the fire brigade because he cannot remember the phone-number of the emergency services (the changed the number from 919 (or so) to something different – which is another hilarious joke by itself).

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