those mash-ups don’t stop!

i’ve already mentioned some mash-ups, here comes one more, not exactly a mash-up, but a band that mixes metallica and beatles songs: beatallica. all 11 songs can be conveniently downloaded as a torrent-file or as single .mp3-downloads. get them while they last.

oh, and just to make this post more complete (or actually post a real mash-up), did i ever mention the beastles? an excellent mash-up between the beatles and the beastie boys.

beatallica: [via powerbook blog]

beastles: [via boingboing]

mash sf

and here’s another one of those short blurbs (i’m a bit in a hurry):

if you don’t dare to look at road-rashes, cannot stand snotty music and have not the tiniest bit of love for messengers in your heart, then do NOT go and see the preview clips of the upcoming movie MASHSF.

but if you ride a fixie, are a messenger or something like that (tip to the hat to lausanne), the DO it!

oh, and btw, i had some problems playing the first clip with quicktime, but luckily, its mirrored over at youtube.

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Recommended Readings vom September und Oktober 2022

Anfangs letzter Monat war ich schon wieder nicht am Kompi, sondern in Sardinien und hab’s vorher vergessen die ‘recommended readings’ zu generieren.
Deshalb hier die Texte und Videos, die mir in den letzten zwei Monaten gefallen haben.

Im letzten Monat sah ich folgende Videos und fand diese gut:

Sooooo gueti Musig!

Ilya Zverev – der letztes Jahr den ‘lustigsten’ Vortrag an der SOTM hatte, (im Wald) – erzählt, wie er Every Door gemacht hat.
Ein tolles Tool, um OSM gepflegt zu halten, mittlerweilen habe ich schon 130 Changesets damit gemacht :)

Die dümmste Art, den Weg durch ein Labyrinth zu finden ist auch die hübscheste.

Im Büro hab’ ich ein Projekt, bei dem ich mit ca. 1 Million Bildern schaffe.
Klar hab’ ich die nicht immer im Speicher, aber mit sog. chunked storage kann ich praktisch und schnell auf Teile davon zugreifen.
Da kommt mir grad in den Sinn, dass ich mal wieder von einem kleinen erzählen sollte :)

q-unit in da house!

 Images Qunitsmallq-unit is in da house.

q-unit greatest hits-album is a rather nice mashup album combining 50-Cent and the greatest hits from Queen with tracks like “This is How We Bite the Dust,” “Bohemian Wanksta” and “We Will Rock You in Da Club”.

you can grab it – while it lasts – on or via this bittorrent-file.

[via boingboing]

i’m on uncluttering mission

i’ve officially killed my two moblogs [1]. from now on, all my (seldom) moblogging is going to happen here: regarding that, i’ve also uncluttered my sidebar a bit. the latest images-section now shows the five latest images i posted to flickr. on top there’s the latest moblog, then the four latest “normal” images.

i achieved this with a mashup of the code of two flickr-badges. the first one is pulling just the “moblog” tag, the second one is pulling the last 4 images.

the full code looks like this, nothing too fancy really:

the code is really straight-forward.

i just cleaned out the css and merged the two javascript parts. if you want to adopt it for your page, you just have to change the user-number and/or tag [2].

[1]: they’ve been clinically dead anyway…

[2]: a simple google search yielded this: “To get your NSID from Flickr, go to your photos page, view source, find global_nsid, and note the value. That’s it.”

the kleptones

piece lately mentioned a night at the hip-hopera from the kleptones. according to me this is THE mashup album of the year. although the album as a whole is illegal it is quite brilliant, mixing the best songs from the hiphop-spere into an album with great flow.
boingboing posted a link to waxy’s blog where he collaboratively tries to identify all samples used in the 23 great songs! i’ve been listening to those songs all morning long, they’re great, go and grab them while they’re hot!
on waxy’s page you can also download the files, he’s generously hosting them. or else you go to the kleptones’ page, they point you to some mirrors to download all the songs (either as one big file (109mb .zip), as 23 individual files or – if you like that – as a bittorent file).

[via piecoblog and boingboing]

good music for free

like always, all good things in life are free:
MTV has an upcoming show called MTV Mash. the french duo Loo & Placido made all the bootlegs for that show.
the bootlegs that MTV turned down are now available from their L&D’s site. if you don’t want to sift through their page, the boingboing-post linked below has the direct links to all the mp3’s. go and grab ’em. “Pound for Pound” and “Golden Bastard” are my favorites

[via boingboing]