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i’m on uncluttering mission

i’ve officially killed my two moblogs [1]. from now on, all my (seldom) moblogging is going to happen here: regarding that, i’ve also uncluttered my sidebar a bit. the latest images-section now shows the five latest images i posted to flickr. on top there’s the latest moblog, then the four latest “normal” images.

i achieved this with a mashup of the code of two flickr-badges. the first one is pulling just the “moblog” tag, the second one is pulling the last 4 images.

the full code looks like this, nothing too fancy really:

the code is really straight-forward.

i just cleaned out the css and merged the two javascript parts. if you want to adopt it for your page, you just have to change the user-number and/or tag [2].

[1]: they’ve been clinically dead anyway…

[2]: a simple google search yielded this: “To get your NSID from Flickr, go to your photos page, view source, find global_nsid, and note the value. That’s it.”

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