radial2 radial1 in the true sense of do it yourself i laced my own front wheel today. remember that i bought a frame from poland quite some time ago. now that i know all the relevant parts are gonna fit i’m in the process of turning that frame into a lean, mean riding machine :-)
because i want it to look nice, i laced the wheel radially, so it will look good (although lorenzo doesn’t like it…).
a good trained wheel-builder can build a full wheel in about an hour. it took me twice that time (and let me tell you, radially is much simpler to lace than the normal way, where the spokes intermittently cross each other) but now i’ve got a front wheel which i built myself, which makes me quite proud.
and now i just need steve to send me that rear hub, lace another wheel and i’ll be riding my [insert cool name here] soon. i’m really looking forward to it!

ps: if you’ve got a cool name which would fit for a black bike with golden logo, then leave comment!

new apple displays

cinemadisplaysapple updated their displays. they are friggin huge and stylish like hell! if you want to take the new display for a spin, apple provides a 360°-quicktime-movie of one with a g5 attached. a pity i don’t have 3k$ lying around to buy myself the 30 inch beast… (which would involve getting rid of my ibook which is far away from having the graphical power to juice the 4.1 megapixels on the biggest model…)
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picture of the week

today i went down the river aare with sigi and some friends.
the picture below is cölu, lukas and whatwashisname schrigy leading the pack of four boats, trying to catch those kayakers (i don’t think they went war kayaking, the didn’t look like that :-)
a pity the aare wasn’t so warm like it could be in late june. nonetheless i swam from the eichholz to the marzili because i didn’t want to walk down that approximately 2.5 km. not too bad for 15.7°, aight?


la mala educación

yesterday i wanted to go to the theater with fränzi, but the whole evening came different than planned. since it was a birthday gift for her, we wanted to go and have a little drink before, so we met quite early. but when we drove over the kornhausplatz her bike got caught in the tramway tracks and she fell really hard. fortunately she wasn’t injured much, “only” little rashes on pretty much every protruding part of her body (hands, elbows, hips, knees).
you can guess that she wasn’t in theater-mood anymore. so we returned to her place and she cleaned all her wounds. when she recovered from her mild shock we decided to go to the movies instead.
in the end we went to see la mala educación. quite some time ago i discussed to go and see that movie with bruni, but then we ended up watching another movie, mostly because i thought that la mala educación was much to heavy for that certain evening we had then (which was really good, but not in a sunny, happy good way).
but now, that i’ve seen it i must say that i’m (as always) impressed by pedro almadovar. first the movie starts out quite funny, even histerically funny sometimes, but then turns in a pretty intense movie about misuse of kids with a pretty complex time-structure, so it’s not an easy movie, but nonetheless worth seeing. but go and see it on a good day of yours, not when you’re in a grey mood!

oh, and i might go and see empfänger unbekannt on tuesday with my parents…

mixed tape

mercedes benz (yes, the car maker) has released 15 nice tracks as mp3’s for your pleasure, you can download them for free and they all add up to a mixed tape.
a 60 minutes collection of downbeaty, ambient and jazzy tunes, with one song especially produced to announce the new cls-class of mercedes-benz.
if this is the new form of marketing, i’m all up to it. and there’s even a second collection coming up, sometimes in the beginning of august.

[via somewhere i forgot, but elbewerk also blogs it.]

ps: elbewerk also post the direct link to a 90mb .zip-file which includes all songs.

deleted pictures

to save chris some space and to prevent bloating of my picture archive i deleted some pictures from the /pics-section.
so, if you miss pictures from millau, from the trainingsweekend, from terraventura, from the juli-bruch, from the last party @ bärni and from evionnaz then send me an email, i might burn them on a cd for you.

michels abschied

aus aktuellem grund mal wieder in deutsch:
wenn du michel bernard vom velokurier bern kennst, dann komm diesen freitag doch auch an seine abschluss-sause.
nach 11 jahren wird er auf ende juli den velokurier bern verlassen. ihm zu ehren werden wir ein alleycat durch bern machen, hoffentlich kommen kuriere und nichtkuriere von überall.


bike porn

i’m in the process of looking for a fixed gear hub for my polish frame
on one of my late-night surfing rounds i found these links:

circle a cycles (pictures)
solo velo
chub hub
harris cyclery
paul component engineering (click on hubs in the navbar)

oh, and this article from nonduality magazine made me research for a fixed gear hub and not a singlespeed freewheelin one….
maybe i’ll explain the difference later, but now i’ve gotta go to work!

ps: you want real bike porn? then drunkencyclist is something for you

musical convulsions

so here’s something funny for all of you which don’t want to be bothered with my rant below.
björn mailed me the movie below.
it’s a movie of a french guy which mounted some horns on his jumpsuit and manages to actually play songs through his convulsions (2.6mb .wmv-file)


now i’ll go to bed, because i’ve got to get up in something like six hours. good night!

body modifications in the weltwoche

if i could be bothered to actually write a letter to the editor i would, because that article in one of the last weltwoche’s is absolutely crummy!
the article is in the archive which is not freely available, so here’s a copy of the printout i made:


with a wee bit of research david signer would have found out that there’s no thing as a piercing world record (and the most pierced person has much more than 500 piercings).
so dear david signer, if you don’t like it for yourself, just leave all the other people living happily with their modifications happy and look that you can find your way without dissing other people!

picture of the week

finally i can link to this post on, because the picture of that photo-shooting is now available:
about a month ago i spent a day in biel with about 40 other people. franziska frutiger took pictures of us, and now the result looks like this:


the original picture can be seen on the page of swisscom mobile or on franziskas page (no direct link, because she uses a nifty flash-interface, but if you click on “new”, then you can see the full ad).
just make sure you don’t mistake me with my doubleganger, i’m the one in the back row, not the one with the che guevara t-shirt…

how to lay an egg

I’ve always wondered how a hen manages to lay an egg.
improbable research links to an interesting article where the process is explained.
but the article does not explain how the egg is actually “generated” in the hen itself. and the most important question is, do all eggs contain a potential biddy? e.g. could you breed the eggs you buy in the shop or not?
do you know the answer? then please post a comment, and i can delete that question from my list of unanswered ones…

[via improbable]

new software: mail.appetizer

screenshot_largeleo’s fscklog is always a good place to discover new software (sometimes i wonder where he takes the time to fill all his MacOrama’s with interesting news).
mail.appetizer is an excellent freeware application (see leos german explanation) which alerts you with a customizable window when any new mail arrives in any of your inboxes in
so you can preview your incoming mail and decide if it’s worth switching to mail or carry on with the task you’ve been doing at the moment.
RC3 of mail.appetizer got even better, now the window is completely customizable, e.g. the font and size can be chosen and it also displays the sender picture (from the addressbook) so you get a hint on who you want’s to steal your time.
an indispensable piece of software!


pctoday i went to donate blood. when i arrived at the place there was a big brouhaha. after some time i found out that today was the “first worldwide donate blood day” and that swiss federal councilor pascal couchepin donated blood in the same place as i did (actually on the bed opposite mine :-)
i guess i should have moblogged it, because i’d have surely been faster than the swiss red cross with their media bulletin (linked above).
if you have a hard time spotting PC on my pic above (he’s the third from the right) then you can also see him in piece‘s classe politique calendar, mr. PC was the march pinup.

filewile on tv

if you’d like to see filewile‘s videoclip Chumpnrun, then you got two options:

a) buy the limited edition lappi-box with the song and video
b) click here and vote for their clip to be played on the show roboclip on swiss telly. and watch the video on telly together with songs from faithless, beyoncé, the beastie boys and alike….

turn your pc into an os x machine

do you own a windows xp machine and want to be able to look at the same nice desktop as i do all the time?
do you have a winXP-machine at work, but miss you nice os x box at home?
then you only have to take the steps described here and you feel at home instantly. but be aware there is still windows running under the nice looking shell, so you might need to reboot from time to time :-)

[via engadget]