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la mala educación

yesterday i wanted to go to the theater with fränzi, but the whole evening came different than planned. since it was a birthday gift for her, we wanted to go and have a little drink before, so we met quite early. but when we drove over the kornhausplatz her bike got caught in the tramway tracks and she fell really hard. fortunately she wasn’t injured much, “only” little rashes on pretty much every protruding part of her body (hands, elbows, hips, knees).
you can guess that she wasn’t in theater-mood anymore. so we returned to her place and she cleaned all her wounds. when she recovered from her mild shock we decided to go to the movies instead.
in the end we went to see la mala educación. quite some time ago i discussed to go and see that movie with bruni, but then we ended up watching another movie, mostly because i thought that la mala educación was much to heavy for that certain evening we had then (which was really good, but not in a sunny, happy good way).
but now, that i’ve seen it i must say that i’m (as always) impressed by pedro almadovar. first the movie starts out quite funny, even histerically funny sometimes, but then turns in a pretty intense movie about misuse of kids with a pretty complex time-structure, so it’s not an easy movie, but nonetheless worth seeing. but go and see it on a good day of yours, not when you’re in a grey mood!

oh, and i might go and see empfänger unbekannt on tuesday with my parents…

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  1. Well, this is life, isn’t it.At the frist smm you didn’t miss that much and for sure had a better use of your day.
    btw. you have a little typer in your text: education is written like this in castellano: educación ;-) have a nice day!

  2. ok, i’ve updated the text, yesterday i just couldn’t be bothered to find the correct shortcut for the ó (for all of you: its option+^ (thanks, arni!)