picture of the week 12 (with competition) [update]

we’ve been skiing this weekend. in the morning, just before we hit the slopes i shot this panorama.

normally i tell a bit about the backstory of my potw’s, but this time i thought i’d make a little competition:

i have two questions concerning the image below. the first person to answers either one of those can choose between a game for the PSP (i’ve got several to chose from), a carte blanche for one post here in this blog or two drinks of his/her choice at the next blogger-meeting. the second and third person who answers correctly has to take what’s left :-)

so, without further ado:

A) where in switzerland did i shoot the image below? [1]

update: might have been too hard, it was approximately here.

B) is there a free software (for OS X) to automatically normalize the brightness of several images, so that the seams in a blended panorama are less visible? [2]

[1]: you’re not allowed to answer this question, if you’re a messenger from bern, my flatmate or i told you personally where we went.

[2]: i know it would be easier to lock the exposure and aperture, but that’s not possible with my camera…

Potw Competition

und nun noch auf deutsch:

dieses wochenende waren wir schilen.

gestern morgen hab ich von unserem haus aus obiges panorama fotografiert. normalerweise gibts ja zu meinen bildern der woche immer ein kleines gschichtli dazu, diesmal gibts einen kleinen wettbewerb: wer als erstes eine der folgenden fragen beantwortet, gewinnt wahlweise ein game für die PSP (ich hab verschiedene zur auswahl), zwei drinks an einem der nächsten blogger-treffen oder eine carte blanche für ein post in diesem blog. die zweite und die dritte antwort kann nur noch auswählen :-)

also, dann hier die fragen:

A) wo in der schweiz habei ich das bild aufgenommen? [1]

update: war wohl zu schwierig: ungefähr hier wars.

B) gibt es für OS X eine gratis-software, mit welcher die helligkeit von verschiedenen bilder automatisch ausgeglichen werden kann, so dass in meinen panoramen die bildübergänge weniger sichtbar sind. [2]

[1]: vom wettbewerb ausgenommen sind kuriere von bern, meine mitbewohner oder alle, denen ichs erzählt habe.

[2]: ich weiss, dass ich die belichtungszeit und blende fixieren könnte, aber das ist nun mal mit meiner kamera nicht möglich…

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picture of the week 10

yesterday we’ve been to the zoo in zürich, mostly to see the masaola-hall (which was really impressive).

during our stroll through the zoo we passed at the enclosure of the otters where i snapped an image of this little fellow passing out in his bed (which is what i’m gonna do now).


oh, and i just sent the image over to the guys and gals of the cute overload

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picture of the week 07

yesterday i spent a wonderful day in oberwald. ninas mother spends at least a week per year there, mostly with some friends. she invited nina and me for the weekend, to do some cross-country skiing.

it always amazes me how much snow you can find in oberwald. it makes the ugly slush you find here in bern feel even nastier.


oh, the cross-county skiing was great, thanks for asking. this time we tried with rented equipment, so we could skate, which is even better than doing it the classic way.

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picture of the week 06

the past saturday i’ve spent a day in plan-les-ouates, near geneva at the first masters meeting of the swim team of plan-les-ouates. martin and me were the ones starting for bern, kurt and pesche started for basel.

the image below shows pesche going for 1:15.39 in 100m butterfly.


if you’d like to see the rest of the images, the you should proceed to this flickr-set of mine. and if you want to see what i did the weekend before, take a look at this set.

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picture of the week 04

the past saturday we wanted to go skiing. when we arrived in adelboden at 20 past 9 in the morning we were informed that the whole ski-region is closed because of the guggiföhn (a wind with velocities up to 246 km/h). we then waited for more informations, but around 10:30 it was evident that the chairlifts and cablecars won’t open for the day.

we then decided to switch to the engstligenalp, but it turned out that the föhn was blowing there, too.

before we drove to grindelwald we first called them, and indeed, they were closed, too. so after a short debate we decided to do something really silly, namely drive from frutigen to le bouveret into the aquaparc, without changing any clothes and leaving ski equipement for five persons in the car.

this explains why pesche stands in front of those toboggans with his snowboard clothes:


in the end it was also rather funny, but a skiing day would have been more welcome.

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picture of the week 52

after we had two performances in a row on saturday i drove all the way up to eywald to our new years eve-party. the conditions on the road were a bit tricky, so i arrived just in time for a toast to the new year.

the picture below shows me and nina with some sparkles. i really hope that we have a lot more of them in the new year!


the rest of the images i took are here.

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pictures of the week 47

as in the last two years nina and me went to the polyball in zürich. it was a blast, although we couldn’t dance that much this year ’cause ninas back ached a bit after an hour of salsa :-)

the image below is one of my polyball-set on flickr. if you’d like to see some more images of us, then you should proceed over to the site of the fotostudio unartig. they made professional shots of all the attendants of the ball and supplied a photo-studio where you could make some selfportraits. the set of our self-portraits starts here and the professional shots start here.

don’t we look spiffy?


oh, and thanks for the clothes, sabine!

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picture of the week 44

this weekend we had the berner schwimmtage, a two-day swimming event, including the sprintnight, which was absolutely fabulous (see some more pictures here or here). chantal cavin [1] swam a new world record for disabled swimmers, a lot of swimmers swam new meeting records and even more swam new personal records [2].

besides coaching my team i also found time to shoot a quick and dirty panorama of the indoor pool hirschengraben. it’s a shot i stitched from 12 images i took freehand on the gallery of the pool, stitched with hugin and converted to a qtvr using makecubic. so, if you click on the thumbnail below you should get a 1.8mb big .mov-file in which you can zoom and pan around [3]. if you prefer a flat image, then you should step over to flickr and look at the panorama as a .jpg.


[1] read a report of our blind swimmer here (90kb .pdf) or in the latest coop zeitung

[2] like me: i pushed my record on 100m crawl down to 1:04.44 (not too shabby for one training a week…)

[3] shift and crtl are your friends on a mac.

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picture of the week 39

i didn’t shoot any pictures this week, so i’m picking another one from our holidays on the philippines. although the nudibranch is not in focus i quite like the image below, mostly because of its vibrant colors. you can see some more images from our holidays in the pictures section or on flickr (which is better for the panoramas, ’cause you can see them in a bigger size…).


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picture of the week 36

this afternoon we [1] had a security training organized by the slrg. since i needed to see if the underwater housing of my camera is still alright [2], i took my camera with me to shoot some pictures. the picture below shows our head coach doing a fine start.

the full set of all the pictures is online on flickr.


[1] most of the coaches of the swim team

[2] more on that later on.

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picture of the week 33 [1]

this weekend i found some time to panoramify all my shots from european masters championships in stockholm (you might have seen it on flickr).

through the help of the excellent ptx-mailing-list i found a tool called make cubic (direct download of the 259kb .sit-file here) which is just a wee bit more than a terminal app to convert your equirectangular .jpgs into cubic QTVR-movies, so you can download the image of fatbursparken (that weird semi-round house) as a 2mb .mov-panorama if you click on the thumbnail below (be patient, it takes some time to load).



oh and: how many times can you spot the guy with the yellow jumper and the black jacket?

[1] i know, it’s already two weeks late…

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