that’s how my heart beats

whoever follows me on (or on facebook for that matter) knows that i’ve spent a noon lying in a tight and noisy tube. at the inselspital they’re always looking for gunia pigs for mri-studies, and i’ve been there (for the second time now). the reward you get afterwards is a dvd with the images of your bodypart they imaged, the last time it was my head, now – since they’re working on spectroscopy of the heart muscle – i got images of my beating heart and my torso.

and since there is a wonderful free dicom-viewer for the apple platform, osirix, i’ve tried to make some nice videos of my inner workings. so without much further ado, here’s the videos:

my beating heart, axial view:

my heart - axial view

my beating heart, sagittal view:

my heart - sagittal view

a little fly-around of my torso:

my torso - rotating

all the images have been made with double triggering, once a trigger for breathing, to compensate for the motion of the internal organs, and on top of that with a trigger on the heart-beats, to actally be able to image a full beating sequence of my heart. the funny thing is, that the people that performed the study had to ask me to breathe a bit faster, since one imaging cycle took them so long :)

oh, and BTW: here’s one video and one view of my head. whoever tells my the reason that a piece on the back of my skull is missing wins a price.