filewile – nassau massage

Filewile-Nassau-Massageandi and dänu aka filewile released their second album called nassau massage (press release in english or german).
technically they release it in about a month, on the 25.5., but if you want to listen to it (like i’ve done recently), you can already preorder it on their website, and expect a fast delivery. maybe not so fast as i did, ’cause i preordered the album on tuesday night, and andi dropped it in my mailbox on wednesday morning, together with the EP damn, to be released in a week :-)

so far, i really like the album a lot, all the songs are well groovy, some of them even have some radio-potential (as far as i can tell)… many songs feature great vocal artists like nicolette, mr. melody, rider shafique and also hometown hottie baze. if you get the cd, i recommend listening to watch the vibe with mr. shafique (am i right, andi?) and communication, with a great old-school beat. and if you first want to listen to some other filewile-songs, you can download a bunch of them absolutely free here. oh, and if you’re hanging out on myspace, you can add them as a friend, too. and if you want to buy some songs, they can be found in the itunes music store.

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the sound of traffic [update]

Soundoftrafficit’s been quite a long time since i’ve posted something about new software additions to my mac. this app here is actually completely useless, but nonetheless it’s been running since half an hour.

sound of traffic is a tiny java application (112 kb) that converts your network traffic into midi notes. my traffic sounds like a laid back chill-out track (i’m downloading/seeding the latest episode of the it crowd over bittorrent and updating some feeds from time to time). the app needs your admin password to access some devices and only works on OS X and Unix [1].

ändu, couldn’t you use this for your next song?

a funny little time-waster!

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[1] leo ported it to windows, so nobody has to stay out…

update: jan used sound of traffic in one of his cool pieceocasts

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q-unit in da house!

 Images Qunitsmallq-unit is in da house.

q-unit greatest hits-album is a rather nice mashup album combining 50-Cent and the greatest hits from Queen with tracks like “This is How We Bite the Dust,” “Bohemian Wanksta” and “We Will Rock You in Da Club”.

you can grab it – while it lasts – on or via this bittorrent-file.

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itunes 4.9

Itunes4.9apple just released the new itunes, now with included podcast-feature.

the ITMS now features a podcast-section, so apple released a directory, where anyone can add their podcast. for a start, you can go to the top 20 of apples podcasts, which will be more than enough to fill all your gadgets with stuff to listen to.

so, you podcaster-guys and -gals, get ready for some massive bandwidth-consumption! (cause apple is only linking to your files, i download them from you…)

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filewile on itunes

dejot and dustbowl released a new track today. you can grab their remix of sunnydays from melody & rider here. it’s another pay per listen release, ’cause those laptop jugglers need to make some cash, too… (and a dollar is not too much, innit?)

if you don’t want to pay through paypal or finetunes, then you have to wait a bit, until the other songs are released on itunes, for the moment you can only get the barbarella-ep and emitow from the CCCC IV-sampler in the ITMS. other songs will follow, for sure.

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Picture 2i wish i had thought of that!

la fille de zürich posted a list of all the songs that forbid you to do stuff. in the image on the left you can see a list of my don’ts. (it’s a screenshot from itunes, because i can’t fit all songs on my ipod).

what are the don’ts in your playlist?

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