i has got me a new bike

this morning i went to finish my latest addition to the pool of bikes i own.
and after quite a long time i’m finally able to ride it.
my fixed-gear bike: no brakes. one gear, no freewheel. the pedals turn as fast as the rear wheel does and the only way to brake is to slow down the pedals with your leg.

DSC03459 DSC03460 DSC03462
DSC03463 DSC03465 DSC03469
DSC03471 DSC03472 DSC03474

watch the tight space between the seat-post and the wheel in the last picture of the middle row!

it all comes together

nearlyostroafter i laced my wheels for the second time (i thought i had a 32-hole rim at home, but it was a 36 hole rim and thus had to re-lace the front-wheel) and fitted the bottom bracket and the steering bracket my ostro-frame starts to actually look like a bike (sorry for the bad picture-quality, but it was dark and i took the pic with my mobile…)

i might be riding this baby on my birthday, so you better watch out!

bike porn

i’m in the process of looking for a fixed gear hub for my polish frame
on one of my late-night surfing rounds i found these links:

circle a cycles (pictures)
solo velo
chub hub
harris cyclery
paul component engineering (click on hubs in the navbar)

oh, and this article from nonduality magazine made me research for a fixed gear hub and not a singlespeed freewheelin one….
maybe i’ll explain the difference later, but now i’ve gotta go to work!

ps: you want real bike porn? then drunkencyclist is something for you