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 Wp-Content Uploads Foldschoolnicolanicola finally made it!
his newest project as a designing architect is online: the foldschool – cardboard furniture.

since ages he’s made plans and models (filling the shopwindow in his studio), now everything is online, functional and looking good.

if you have kids [1], or are keen about cool mechatronic furniture-design this if for you!
you just need some scrap cardboard and the printed patterns from nicola, some time and probably a lot of glue. then you have uber-cool looking furniture with which the kids can play as the want. if they destroy it, you just build a new one with them. and even your conscience stays clean!

i you can’t quite figure it out how it looks, he even provides you with a 3D-model of the stool, chair and rocker.

and yes, he’s all over the web already and even got BBed!
congratulations nicola!

[1]: matthias, ein wochenendprojekt mit deinen kids? die fotos würd ich gerne dann auch sehen!

update: so sieht er vor seinem atelier aus:

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