comics to your door (or rss-reader)

b. pointed out a nice service to me (i wonder where he gets all that stuff he forwards to me :-).
tapestry, a service by some guy that converts (some) online comics into rss-feed so you can suck them down with whatever you like.
i’ve still not jet decided if it’s a good thing if i add comics to my daily “keep up with all your rss-subscriptions”-task.
at least i have to spend less time watching ads and other stuff to load :-)

(tapestry should add nichtlustig, the daily perscheid and other comics, too, then i could stop getting comics by mail…)

that is quite an interesting picture

in the paper today: a picture of what would happen if you put all the water on the earth and air in the atmosphere in one sphere above the earth (pdf of the original page). almost unbelievably small!!

update: the pdf is only availiable if you are a subscriber to the archive, which puts you back 60 bucks a year. nonetheless i leave the link, maybe you are a subscriber….

update 2: the linked page has some quite interesting pictures!


it was lovely, thanks for asking.

the second picture has quite funky colors, which were achieved through a long exposure time and without a flash.