the parliament has chosen

holy shite!
this time i really need to think about moving to another county!
the parliament renewed the federal council this morning.
and guess what: they chose to substitute a ruth metzler with the (too far) right-wing blocker chregel blocher.
as much as i do not really like miss metzler it’s quite sad that we now have a new council that is too far on the right wing of the political spectrum and has a woman less than before (not that 2 out of 7 was a real representation of the 51% women in switzerland…)

new section on

as i’m still looking for a phd in the near future i keep looking for stuff that interests me, medical laser physics-stuff. (i really really reallylove being a messenger, but like kevin bacon says in quicksilver: “you can’t get old on a bike”)
this offer on looks quite promising.
i sent the contact person an email, asking for some more information on the offer, and thought maybe he also wants some more information on me, so i decided to start with an new category on – my cv.

needs to be filled with information (which will hopefully happen soon…), for the moment you can only download my diploma thesis (a 2.5 mb pdf-file), if you’re interested…

btw: quicksilver is a really great movie if you dig messenger-style stuff, want to have an eighties flashback and just watch an old movie. i nearly couldn’t believe that kevin bacon (yes, mr. hollow man!) is riding a fixie throughout the movie, and riding it really good, it’s something really hard to do with style

becoming famous (or not)

becoming famous:
some days ago, inari posted a comment to one of my posts. i asked her who she was, because i neither recognized the name nor the email-address. then i got back quite a nice reply, saying that she goes to a school of visual communication and is working on a project on web-logs.
for that work she now analyzes my blog; i already feel weird posting stuff here knowing it will be analyzed :-).
but nonetheless, it’s really nice if someone you do not know tells you that your blog is nice, and that you can be part of a project on web-logs.

one of the questions she had, was where i learned to blog. i never visited a course on blogging or something like this, but i’m used to blog trifles of my daily business since quite a long time:
my experience in blogging started more than three years ago with this first post on IAM:

2000/10/17 17:49
just too late again. wanted to go to bed early, but then booted the pc
and there iam. doddled around in photoshop and then logged into the
net, and where did i land, shure on bme. then saw shannons new feature
and just had to test it. but now i’ll go to bed!

some thing to note:

  • already three years ago i went to bed much too late (the timezone of bme is canada) :-)
  • (aka IAM) is a close-gated community created and maintained by glider, the creator of quite a massive online-resource on bodymodification.
  • my iam-page also has quite some really personal stuff, which i posted there because i knew (and with the command **IAMONLY** still know) that the entries can be read only by “complete strangers”, which makes it really easy to post everything.
  • blogging is fun, is kinda like writing a diary, gets you back some old memories and can be done really easy, you just need some web-space where you can run cgi and movable type (or only some web-space and blogger).

(or not):
last week rolf siegenthaler called me, he was looking for some models for an ad-campaign for swisscom fixnet, then i sent him some pictures from me, but the advertizing agency (probably contexta, as they do most of the stuff for the swisscom…) did not choose me. well, there will be no more pics of me on the streets :-)