windows vs. os x

take a look at these screenshots:

windows os x

why the hell did noone tell me that my page looks shite with a windows-browser?
today i was at school and wanted to show someone a link i had posted somewhere here and then to my amazement lookes a bit like the “eyesore of the month” on a windows-machine.
well, it think there need to be tweaked quite a few bits and pieces in the css :-). and the sidebar (first set) looks quite ugly with these blue lines around the buttons, i think i should also change that, to prevent burnt retinas…
the funny thing is that the page looks nearly the same with safari, opera, camino and internet explorer on my machine, so who would have thought that it looks that different on windows.

bacteria and fungi remixing songs

want to listen to remixes of well known songs by bacteria and fungi?

have no idea what i’m talking about?
then give the molecular media project or nanosounds a visit and listen to samples of songs which were distorted by a layer of fungi, bacteria and other stuff on the surface of the cd’s.

the remix of pink floyds comfortably numb (750kb mp3) is especially mindbending! and also quite funny to watch are the psychedelic screenshots of a james brown DVD remixed by titanium dioxide.

[via sonntagszeitung] (the good old fashioned sunday morning breakfast-table paper version).


you might or might not know that i also work as a bar-tender at the theater an der effingerstrasse. last friday we had the traditional x-mas diner with all the people involved there (these here plus some from the bar). $
this year we were at a really excellent restaurant, the bachmühle (the mill at the brook) in niedermuhlern (which got 16 points from gault millau, which is quite remarkable).

this story starts really boring, but wait for the funny part: the chef de service (on the left) at the mill told us that – after finishing his apprenticeship to become a hairdresser – he used to be the butler of anni-frid lyngstad.
you: who the f… is that? that’s not funny at all! this story is boring!
me: she’s one of the abba-women! yes, ms. dancing queen1).

when he told that story, we first could not believe it all, but markus (one of the bosses of the theater) confirmed that story. and believe me, we nearly couldn’t stop shouting money, money, money1) or take a chance on me1) or mamma mia1) each time kjell entered the room.
that was an entertaining evening!

oh, and by the way, ueli and kjell are a couple, both together have an “i look gay-factor” of 216, ueli himself has a ilg-factor of 1, while kjell gets the remaining 215 points :-)
(from my heterosexual point of view, the only thing ueli could be called is metrosexual…)

1) ITMS links, they only work, if you got itunes on your machine (be it either a may or a pc)