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Monthly Archives: December 2003

amazing 3d-modeling!

miklos, this one is especially for you! teddy (and its successor smoothTeddy) is a an amanzinly nifty looking 3d-modeling java applet which looks freakingly easy to use. download the 32mb-avi-demo video, take a look at it and be amazed! [via boingboing] update: sad it doesn’t work that well on a mac…

this sounds quite promising (and looks cool!)

the project looking glass from sun; take a look at a real-video-stream or download a demo-movie. reminds me a tiny bit of the fast user-switching in panther, doesn’t it?

bubble chair

belly: want! want! want! want! want! want! want! want! want! head: ah, shut up already!

update on blocher

following up the spontaneous demonstration this noon, there’s another one to protest against the election of christoph blocher tonight here in bern. got nothing to do? be there!

the parliament has chosen

holy shite! this time i really need to think about moving to another county! the parliament renewed the federal council this morning. and guess what: they chose to substitute a ruth metzler with the (too far) right-wing blocker chregel blocher. as much as i do not really like miss metzler it’s quite sad that we […]

new section on

as i’m still looking for a phd in the near future i keep looking for stuff that interests me, medical laser physics-stuff. (i really really reallylove being a messenger, but like kevin bacon says in quicksilver: “you can’t get old on a bike”) this offer on looks quite promising. i sent the contact person […]

becoming famous (or not)

becoming famous: some days ago, inari posted a comment to one of my posts. i asked her who she was, because i neither recognized the name nor the email-address. then i got back quite a nice reply, saying that she goes to a school of visual communication and is working on a project on web-logs. […]


buy a mobile phone, get 150 $, how weird is this :-) [via gizmodo]

berner gazette

the new blog in town posted a pic of the new gang in town (i actually wanted to post that picture from the magazin last saturday, but couldn’t get acces to a scanner up to now and couldn’t find it on the web…)

new track on

those that are interested: go to and download dejots and dustbowls newest song, chinese dragon, a remix for electric blanket (under tracks & charts). it’s kind of a sneak preview, because dustbowl is gonna announce that soon in a newsmail, but he told me this noon at lunch :-)