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Google Summer of Code 2011: Hugin participates and looks for Students

Readers of this blog might know that I’m an avid user of hugin. Like every year since 2007, hugin participates in the Google Summer of Code, a global program that offers student developers stipends to write code for various open source software projects. In the past years Yuval Levy and Alexandre Prokudine [0] spearheaded the GSoC effort for hugin.

Since I’m no programmer I wanted to give back something to the community and will act as this years main admin, while Bruno Postle will act as a backup.

So, if you know a student that would like to participate in a neat, C and C++-based project this summer, let her or him know about our mentoring page for GSoC: Hugin – Panorama Photo Stitcher

And just to be complete: The text below just went to the hugin mailing list, the call for Students.

[0]: Now of darktable-fame, as seen here.


Dear prospective Students

Hugin has been accepted as a mentoring organization in the upcoming Google Summer of Code 2011. This email is the official call for students:

As Yuval already described in a blog post [1], would-be participants need to get to work soon. The earlier, the better.

Familiarize yourself with the hugin codebase, think of an itch that bothers you and how you could help to get rid of that itch. You need to work on your application, voice up and introduce yourself to the mailing list. We have a dedicated page on the panotools wiki that describes the way to go [2].

Remember, the deadline for your application is April 8 19:00 UTC, this is in two and a half weeks!

Looking forward to hear from you

For the whole hugin-team

Habi, GSoC-Admin


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