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instead of skiing [with map]

actually i wanted to go skiing today, because the weather was so fine. but due to not finding anybody to join me i went for a bike-ride with bruni instead [1].

1202572055-10871-P- nearly 60 km (59.94 km) around the belp-berg, from bern to thun and back. a moving average speed of 29 km/h and a max. speed of 56.67 km/h. the speed-profile can be seen in the in the image on the right: we had to stop to make a phone-call shortly after the start and then had to find our way through the very dense traffic in thun just before km 30. a short stop in münsingen around km 47 prepared us for the final stage back to bern. a nice saturday afternoon, thanks bruni!

[1] he has to be somewhere just about now, so skiing would not have fit his schedule…

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