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microsoft photosynth [video]

the ted-talks are always a good source for inspiration and sometimes are just pure eyecandy and droolworthy innovations.
i’ve added them to my democracy-player but seldom take my time to watch all of them. the demo of photosynth and seadragon by Blaise Aguera y Arcas from microsoft research is amazing. now this should be combined with jeff hans multi-touch interface, and i’ll never leave my desk again…
sometimes even microsoft manages to do impressive stuff!

i couldn’t embed the original talk from, so i linked to the youtube-version. if you want to see the full eyecandy, go here:

microsoft provides a demo, so you can play with photosynth. unfortunately, the demo only on windos, so i might need to reboot to boot camp or see if [kju:] is capable of doing it…

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