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picture of the week 15 – university ultimate tournament 2007

as you’ve maybe already seen in my flick-stream, i’ve been playing frisbee over the past weekend. we’ve made a team from unisport bern [1] to compete against other in the first university ultimate tournament in bruxelles, belgium. it was a blast, the weather was marvellous, although a tad too hot, the other teams were competitive and we had great games. unfortunately i had to leave a bit earlier, so i was not able to play the finals (and that’s why bern lost the final i think :-) and had quite a hard time until i got home, since the train broke down about half an hour after departure from bruxelles, so it took me a night in the ICE to get back home to switzerland, but the whole weekend was worth it.

the image below was shot in the train toward bruxelles, and is composed of 8 images i took standing on the armrest of tom’s chair, stitched together with hugin. if you’d like to see a quicktimeVR-file of the image below, you can click here (.mov-file, 588kb).


[1] if you check the link during the next few days, you can see me “modeling” for unisport special!

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