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quite some time ago (for my birthday actually) i got a voucher for a weekend in the snow with a big surprise from my love. this weekend we finally managed to find a weekend with snow and free time. in the end it turned out that she planned a weekend on the bettmeralp for skiing and some wellness in the hotel bettmerhof. the weather was absolutely gorgeous and also the slopes were really good.
the whole weekend was already a surprise for me, so i was not expecting something special when we went for a drink after hitting the slopes. only after the prinoth everest power [1] parked for quite a long time besides us i got a bit suspicious on what nina planned for the big surprise. you might not know that i’ve always said that it’s a little dream of me to ride with one of those machines – throttle fully open – on a skiing slope…

nina actually managed to get us a ride in a snow cat. in the end we rode a bit more than an hour with the guy who answered all my questions. it was very cool, those machines have a rather impressive power when going uphill. if you want to see what it looks like in a snowcat, you can see the images i took on flickr, or even watch a little movie on youtube

on sunday the weather was again marvelous (as you can see from the images in the full set). when standing on the bettmerhorn the view on the aletschgletscher is absolutely breath-taking. the image below is a panorama stitched from 9 images showing the glacier from its beginning on the left to the ever shortening end (and a nearly blinded nina on the right).


[1]: thanks to wikipedia for providing me with the necessary links…

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