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things that make you go hmmmm….

fragen, die sich einem momentan-pendler so stellen:
gilt das horoskop im heute für heute oder für morgen?

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  1. it’s a free evening newspaper around here. it’s available after 4 o’clock, and i was wondering if the horoscope is for today or tomorrow…

  2. it’s not really about the horscope of today, it’s just a general question: because the newspaper comes out in the late afternoon i was wondering if the horoscope is for the day of the newspaper or the day after (mostly because they don’t specify it…)

  3. Sorry, I’m just off in the nite =)
    Generally is for the incoming day but if it’s out in the evening I suppose is for the next day..
    Is virgo sign a good one? If not I’d rather not to believe in horoscopes =D