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do not hotlink! [update]

i’ve had a quick look at my referers today.

they are mostly chock-full of referer-spam, so i don’t really look at them too often.

but today, i noticed quite a bit of hits from a page on because some of my friends are quite fanactic hattrickers i thought someone linked to me and wanted to check back.

so i ended up on the site of the sc hooligen. at first i couldn’t see a link to me, but a quick glance at the sourcecode revealed that the manager of said team hotlinked to an image i shot at the gurtenfestival 2004. i know that as soon as you release your images on the web it’s extremely hard to track abuse of them [1], but hotlinking to a file is definitely a no-go!

so i thought, i’d do a little prank with the site, and replaced the image to something else.

i wonder how long it stays like that.

before on the left and after on the right.

Hotlink1 Hotlink2it says in german: the manager of this team is a jerk, ’cause he steals pictures from other servers to pimp his profile.
[1] that’s why pretty much everything i release is under an attribution license (see also here :-) )

update: everything is fine now, keep walking on, no need to stare.

but i hoped that he’d at least write me an email :-) and because i couldn’t find one on the page that hosts the image now i’ll just leave it here…

Hattrick Update

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