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as you might know, most of the swiss messenger companies work together when there is stuff to send around switzerland. so if any of our customers wants to send something into another part of switzerland, he calls us, we pick up the parcel at his place, lock it in a special compartment in the train and the partner-company grabs it at the destination train-station and delivers the parcel. the whole product is called swissconnect and is an unbeatable product in terms of speed and reliability.

Swissconnect.Grusigthe whole process organized – mostly – through a special website, which can only be accessed with the correct passwords and stuff. each and every parcel is trackable and can be viewed in detail. this morning nicola told me to go to grab something from the 8.58-train from zurich, to deliver it to somewhere in bern. you can guess that i’ve been a little bit surprised when i grabbed the plastic-bag from the train and saw what was in the transparent (!) bag. thirty of them!!!

if you’d like to see for yourself what it was, then click on the fullsize screenshot on the left…

but you might not want to do that until you’ve digested everything you ate in the last hours.

oh, and if you don’t speak german, you can do a search for the word on

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  1. Hell! Würde mich schon wunder nehmen für was man 30 Stück davon braucht und warum man sie in einem transparenten Sack versendet.