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thoughts after a busy week

– driving a fixie with a huge backpack (clothes for week and some more stuff) through downtown basel and zürich is not so fun

– going to the ecmc and not competing is only half the fun

– you need a valid passport or id to go to sweden (not me, mine is perfectly valid), but you can organize a passport in 30 minutes

– sleeping on a boat is fun

– sweden has the biggest indoor swimming pools i’ve ever seen

– going to another european championship with 3700 contestants is massive fun

– the ipod camera connector works like a charm (i took 260 pictures and some movies at the ecmc and at the emc)

hugin will be runnig continuously for the next few days, cause i took a lot of panoramas

– i will tell you as soon as i uploaded the pictures, from time to time, you’ll find a bunch on flickr

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  1. ’cause i went to sweden on sunday morning (directly from basel to zürich to sweden), and didn’t want to pay 120.- for only taking the qualifications for the mainrace. the finals and everything funny was held on sunday, thus no way for me to take part…

    a bummer, but i managed to see a lot of people and take quite a bunch of pictures (they’re coming soon).