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my phonebill puzzles me [update]

today i just got my sunrise mobile phone-bill, and i was quite puzzled by one item on it. i’ve used gprs three times this month (not a hardcore user, am i…).

twice [1, 2] to send a moblog-post from switzerland resulting in a total data rate of 248 kB, and once [3] to send a moblog-post from spain which was 113 kB heavy.

the thing that now puzzles me, is that i actually paid less for my data in spain, although i was roaming with Telefonica there.

in switzerland i paid 0.02 CHF per kB, which results in a price of 20.50 CHF per MB (!!!).

in spain, i paid 0.0116 CHF per kB, resulting in a price of 11.90 per MB, which is nearly half the price i pay in switzerland. and remember, i was roaming with my swiss phone on a spanish network, so i surely didn’t pay the least expensive price there.

ain’t that unbelievable? guess it’s time to look into other options for sending that occasional moblog from my phone. sunrise do you hear me? data is much too expensive with you!!!

do you have any tips to lower my phone bill?

update: bitflux-chregu has some remedies. see his comment here.

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