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Dsc00734yesterday evening i went to see the luftstation, the newest production from the öfföff-team.

from a competition in the kulturagenda/bund i won a VIP-package: i was able to mount the luftstation with the artists, which was really a great experience, although it only lasted for two minutes or so. then all the winner had some time to talk with the artists and learn some more on how the amazing steel-sculpture was built. all in all, it was a great evening on the gurten

because you were allowed to take pictures i managed to take some shots during the performance, some of them turned out quite nice (although wiggly through the long exposure). you can take a look at them over at the luftstation-set on flickr.

if you got the time, go and see it, it’s absolutely worth it (and on the gurten you might even manage to see it for free from the backside…). öfföff are touring through switzerland until the end of the year, so there’s really no excuse for missing it.

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  1. By the way the luftstation was created by the most inovativ company ( in my home town (