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i’m off to go and buy an ipod [2nd update]

’cause they now come with tetris. i’m now really gonna buy a new one. or shall i wait ’till after wwdc next monday?

[via engadget]

update: hm, raph just told me that ipodlinux now comes with tetris (it didn’t in january…), so i might just wait a litlle bit more….

2nd update: wow! pt just managed to view videos on an ipod. this leaves for some speculation. see here for more info on this.

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  1. Hi everyone.
    What's a good alternative to the IPOD?
    I'm wondering if any of you can recommend a good MP3 player that is comparable to the IPod but WITHOUT they hype and price tabe to go with it.
    I was at the apple store a few days ago, and really liked the new 40GB or 80GB IPods that also show video, but was wondering if I could get the same kind of funcationality without that heftly price tag.