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cory doctorows latest short story [2nd update]

cory doctorow (of boingboing-fame) released a short story called i, robot. since i like reading stuff on my clie while on the train or so i made a palm-doc file of the story.

if you’d like to read the story on your palm, then you can get it here: cory doctorow – i, robot.pdb (49 kb)

for converting the file i used PorDiBle, a nifty palm-doc conversion tool, which is absolutely fabulous to convert any text or rtf-file to a compressed .pdb file. this (and the adobe reader for palm os) helps me to read any file i want on my clie.

have fun with it.

after talking to cory i found out that his publisher holds the exclusive rights on the stories for two months. so i couldn’t release the file until today, but anyway, here it is for all of you to abuse.

update: eileen released the file. you can also grab it on the infinite matrix-site.

2nd update: i’ve been boingboinged

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