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b. in the news

the migros magazin – the magazine of a big grocery store here in switzerland – just had an article about including pictures of b. and rudi r�ber. you can read the article here or grab a pdf (316 kb) here.

b.: you need new shoes!

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  1. I’ve read the articel offline ;-)
    Thanx for the hint, I’m acctualy don’t find time to read this magazin. But there are in last time often good articles about “digital lifestyle” (speak no technical articel about internet things). So there was also a good articel about bloging with roger from kaywa. Perhaps I should have more looks to this magazin in the future.

  2. i don’t get that magazine, because it’s ridden with migros-commercials and normally not worth the paper printed on it. but a friend pointed it out to me, or else i would have missed it (thanks hämme…)