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i wanted to (digitally) record the ibrahim ferrer show that drs3 aired last thursday evening so the post about enabling your ipod to record anything on hackaday came just right. but after installing linux on my first-generation ipod (see here) with the extremely painless ipodlinux installer i could not get it to record more than 5 second snippets (but played some games on it…) so i figured out an easier way. i started the live-stream of drs3 and used wiretap1 to record the concert. nonetheless i’ve now got two working operating systems on my ipod.


ps: now i just have to figure out how i can burn the 2h show on one cd to give to nina (which was the point from the beginning….)

1: the pro version works like a charm in the free mode as long as you don’t need to record directly to mp3/aac. i used itunes for the conversion…

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