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i seem to be chewing up posts from other blogs tonight, but this is just too cool.
leo links to the newest hit by apple, the smallest sibling of all airport basestations, the airport express which includes a nice little must-have feature: airtunes.
airtunesconnect the airport express to any outlet in the reach of your wifi-connection. plug in your stereo (or any set of powered speakers, which is really cool) and you can listen easily to all your tunes in any room where your wifi connection goes. or if you want to be the cool dj on your friends next party take your apple computer equipped with an airport card and your airport express, connect to his stereo and rock on!

and i’ve been looking into how much a roku player would cost me, because i’d love to listen to all my +5Gb songs in the living room or on the big stereo and not on these whimsy speaker beside my ibook. i guess i’ll postpone that bought a bit, until i can get the airport express basestation…

oh, and just for fun, the airport express includes an ethernet port and a printer port, so besides being cool and stuff, it’s also useful for basestation-stuff and alike.

[via fscklog]

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