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i bought a powerbook :-)

but it is only made from cardboard :-)
filewile‘s new single comes in a beautiful hand-crafted limited-edition card-board-special-media-8″-powerbook. (and it’s yours for only 35 bucks).
and have you read the article about their journey to the uk? (96kb .pdf)

oh, and the chumpnrun-video (which is also on the single) is absolutely hilarious.
i hope to see it on telly sometimes, it’s really good!
go andy and dejot!

update: it turns out that i’m quite lucky. the limited edition single won’t officially be available until the 17th of march! so i already know the song with the incredible sassy hook-line and i own a limited piece of art, there are only 300 filewile-power-books available for sale, then they’re gone for good.

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