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installing panther

i will install panther now.
i won’t do an update of my 10.2 system to panther but try to do a squeaky-clean and fresh install.
i know that this is much more work, but in the past one-and-a-half year i own my ibook i’ve installed (and deleted) so many programs that left junk on my HD i don’t want to take with me any further.
i cloned my whole ibook to my nifty external 80gb-firewiredisk, tried to boot from it (it worked) so i can go back anytime, so i expect no real troubles, just a time-consuming process while i install all the stuff i so heavily rely on (a small part of every junk-program i install and try out…)
so wish me luck that everything goes well (and that i don’t need to call support :-)

and if everything fails, i’m just gonna watch raging bull on arte tonight.

update: three hours later i got panther on my ibook (i installed it twice, because the first time i chose install and import old settings and all the junk was still here). but the second time i chose to install a juvenile system. it shure feels a bit spiffier than before (and, oh, the eye-candy exposé is just sooo cool!!!)

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