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new favicon

my new feature on this page only works on non-safari-browsers:
if you are surfing with something different (IE, Mozilla, or else) and reload my page (the root page, not the blog here…) you’ll see a new icon on top instead of the boring-plain-vanilla-icon.

(the top address bar is from safari, the bottom one is from camino, in which the favicon-feature works as supposed)
thanks to this web-page i have a fancy personal favicon which will show you clearly whose page you bookmarked (you actually have to bookmark and reopen the page that it works in IE.)

the picture is my favorite one of me. it’s a picture which nina made with her not-fancy-at-all camera while we were sitting at the beach in lanzarote in july 2002 lecce in october 2001 (what was i thinking, it’s even in the filename. silly me).

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