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filewile recently released their new album blueskywell (which you can play below) using the fairtilizer-player.

now they plan to press their groovy songs on vinyl, but need a little help for this. in true crowsourcing manner they’re looking for producers, which chip in at least 20.- and in turn a limited edition double vinyl with your name printed on the sleeve. even though i don’t own a record player i’ve already signed up. if you want to be part of a producer-team, you can sign up on their album club

and if you need any more convincing, watch the live version of robibot below or go and see a concert on their blueskywell tour, the tour dates can be found on the fancy new filewile website

update: filewile now (24. Januar 2010) has 3600.- pledged and only needs 50 people more to start production. so if you didn’t sign up until now, go and do it! you can even enter the name of your grandmother!

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