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cold, but cool

mark howells-mead has been looking for volunteers [1] for his latest photo project, the “one frame movies“. since i really like his style of photography and thought that’d make a funny evening, i volunteered for helping him, and nina was also up for it. last saturday evening we’ve spent nearly three hours around the nydeggbrücke and took some strobist-style photos.

it was really interesting to watch mark working on his shots. the whole setup procedure was rather lengthy, mostly because of the amount of tech involved in these shots, ultralong tripods for one or two remote flashes, another one for the long-time exposure of the camera and for one of the shots even another flash in marks hands while he was running around for the best position. but once all the tech was set up to his liking, the actual shooting of the photo only took him a couple of tries [2].

i guess mark has been thinking a lot about the shots upfront, so he was able to “just” set it up as he envisioned it. but as said, in the end it still took nearly three hours from start to end (including a change of wardrobe for nina) and we’ve all been chilled thoroughly in the end.

but seeing the fabulous shot as an end result was worth every minute spent under the bridge. the full write-up and result is shown on marks blog in the post in the old city.

[1]: or are you still looking for more? then i should say “is looking for…”
[2]: or some more, depending on the cars at the scene

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