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i’m offline

it seems harder and harder each year: whenever holiday season comes nearer, i by choice try to stay completely offline, so i can conquer my extralineophobia [1], read some books, go for walks, go skiing, cook nice and take some pictures (not that I buy a new camera each year). so, i’ve shut down my computer and switched off EDGE and WLAN on my phone, so I shouldn’t be too tempted to go online for the next few days. i’ll be back sometimes in early 2009. cu!


[1]: a term originally coined by pieceoplastic

[2]: the iPhone-application seen is SBSettings, only available on jailbroken iPhones…

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  1. Wenn man hier jetzt einfach ein bisschen über Habi lästern würde — wie lange dauerte es wohl, bis dieser wieder online wäre und einschreiten täte? ;-)


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