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  1. Are you able to run OpenMoko on it?
    I’m managing to run Angrstrom as Mac OSX ran like a candy, but unuseful on my phone =P

    “This” suggested Android, worth trying =)

  2. What a pity! OM is a bit harder than what seems to be Android but I believe in “hand made things”..

    Tell me, what kind of instability you’ve ran through?
    I’m thinking to run one in a different TransFlash (as max supported size is 2GB only) but still have tons of doubt about it.. don’t like the idea to reflash the phone, lose everything and rebuild kernel from scratch.

  3. i’ve installed openSSH, apache and Tcl, just for fun. now and then the original iphone apps “shut down”, meaning it goes back into the main-screen. nothing terrible, just a bit annoying…
    it mostly happens when the tilt-sensor is activated, so it could also be something completely different…

    and i don’t seem to get you: do you want to install OM on the iphone? via a transflash card? that seems quite a complicated thing to do….

  4. Don’t have an iPhone, got a MotoMing, formerly A1200, and runs on linux.
    Got a TF card on which I’m used to install thingies and sort of apps, and tried to swap up a partition where to install OpenMoko. Seemed to work but was conflicting with some .jar files installed and with the native apps installer.

    So have another TF on which ran Mac OSX (unuseful, as said) and now is all free for Angstrom but I’m afraid to boot it up.. still no backup of all the installed apps and too lazy to backup them =)

  5. So here we are: http://www.angstrom-distribution.org/ it’s the main site for angstrom distro, powerful and reliable in openembedded ambiance (can see more here: http://www.openembedded.org/).
    Then a couple of links on Flickr showing it: http://www.flickr.com/photos/46466319@N00/ – based on a E6 but still fine tuned even on A1200; here too: http://www.flickr.com/photos/koenkooi/1349025821/ on a Moto A780.

    Tried it out on my A1200 and went fine until got an Edge problem and needed to reflash it on the fly.

    This is also a nice place to look for OpenMoko: http://chrislord.net/blog/ , I find it passionating =)


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