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more plugins!

since it’s so easy to install plugins in wordpress (upload, activate, finished), i’ve installed some more plugins here:

first: dropdown-archives. they unclutter my sidebar without a single line of coding. it compacts the full archives into a nice dropdown-field. i feel like noone uses the archives, but still felt like letting them stay in the sidebar.

the second one is more for safari users (because it degrades nicely for other browsers): the safari-search-field widget. it adds a search field to the blog that looks and behaves like the one safari-users have in their top-left corner (unless you installed inquisitor 3). if you use another browser it looks like a normal search field, as you can see below.

Search.Safari-1 Search.Firefox-1

[both via wordpress widgets]

oh, and as you can see in the top-left corner: ich bin nicht elitär :-)

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